Magnetic Power Bank Station


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Say goodbye to bulky power banks & keep your device charged effortlessly with the Magnetic Power Bank Station!

Unlike wall sockets and bulky charger, our lightweight Power Banks are designed and engineered for more convenient, accessible and easy charging.

Designed for everyone’s device: Apple Lightning, Type C and Micro usb. All cables included.

Powerful capacity despite the size: it provides your phone with enough power for 1.5 hours of gaming, 2.5 hours of video watching, 3 hours of internet browsing, or even 4.5 hours of talk time.

Convenient portability: the power banks are the size of a USB drive so you can easily put it right back in your pocket, or use it while it's charging.


Material: ABS


What's included in the package?

1x Charger Station
4x Wireless Mini Power Banks
1x Charger Cable
1x Android Micro Usb Connector
1x iPhone Lightning Connector
1x Type-C Connector
2x Cable Clip Holder


Message us if you need 3x cables of the same type.


Looking for a single charger only? Click here.

Notice: after charging, please slowly pull the mini power bank from one side. Do not pull it straight out.