Premium Nest Bed for Dogs and Cats


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Color: Beige

  • Beige
  • Deep Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Coffee

Size: XS 40CM

  • XS 40CM
  • M 60CM
  • S 50CM
  • L 70CM
  • XL 80CM
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Size details - Diameter

XS: 40cm / 15.8''   (Suitable for 2.5kg pets)

S: 50cm / 19.7"    (Suitable for 5kg pets)

M: 60cm / 23.6"   (Suitable for 9kg pets)

L: 70cm / 27.6"    (Suitable for 15kg pets)

XL: 80cm / 31.5"    (Suitable for 22kg pets)





The Premium Nest Pet Bed is a super cozy 'nest' that cradles your pet in ultimate comfort. Made of cuddly soft cotton and velvet it delivers out-of-this-world comfort and luxurious snuggles.





It comes in 6 different colors and sizes to better suit all types of dogs and cats. The Nest Bed is also completely machine washable so forget about difficult cleaning challenges.


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