Renewable Usb cable


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Type: Iphone / Black

  • Iphone / Black
  • Iphone / Red
  • Micro Usb / Black
  • Micro Usb / Red
  • Type C / Black
  • Type C / Red
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How many broken USB cables have you replaced since your first smartphone? Reduce waste and stay charged with the renewable cable that actually regenerates itself!


The renewable cable solves the biggest problem with charging cables: their lifespan. Unlike the average life expectancy of 6/12 months, our cable is designed for a lifespan of 10+ years.

The special locking connector allows you to detach the cable and remove the cord. Next, simply cut off the frayed and unwanted section and reinsert the cord inside the lock. You now have a completely brand new cable!

✔️ Eco-friendly & Recyclable

✔️ 3A Fast Charge

✔️ Tangle Free