Retro Game Stick Console


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Port Type: AV Out

  • AV Out
  • HDMI Out
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(Menu graphics and layouts vary between AV and HDMI version since are optimized for different resolutions. The product shown on the video ad refers to the HDMI version)


Feeling nostalgic? Teleport to the past and relive your childhood with this Retro Game Stick Console.

With over 500 preinstalled arcade games and forgotten gems from the golden era, you'll surely never get bored again!

The stick has been revamped and remodelled to adjust to your modern TV set so you can now use the TV screen as the gaming screen!

Graphics have been enhanced and improved, giving you crystal clear graphics that you wish you had back in in the day.


The stick also comes with two wireless controller and a power cable.

Experience the golden era again, get your Retro Game Stick today!


2xAAA Batteries Required