3D Moon Light Lamp


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Dimension: XS - 10cm / 3.9 inch

  • XS - 10cm / 3.9 inch
  • S - 12cm / 4.7 inch
  • M - 15cm / 5.9 inch
  • L - 18cm / 7.1 inch
  • XL - 20cm / 7.9 inch
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The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol in human history, and it brings mystery, delight, belief and romance.

Decorate your own world with this detailed lamp, with craters and pockmarks along the surface to mimic the moon's surface.

The night lamp operates by touching the sensor/button at the bottom of the lamp, in order to turn on/off and changing LED lighting color.

Bring an out of this world experience to your rooms or give it as a gift to a loved one for their birthday, wedding gift, anniversary, special occasion or simply to show someone you care.

Usb Rechargable

RoHS,CE Certified

Touch switch to change the light intensity and color