Ionic Shower Head


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Experience a luxurious spa at home with this ionic shower head.

Purify and save money with 200% more pressure and 30% less water

Choose from 3 different modes: rainfall, massage and jet. 

  • Rainfall: A pleasant gentle rainfall for a peaceful shower experience.
  • Massage: Enjoy a powerful stream of water to massage your body.
  • Jet: Relax your body with the mix of rainfall and massage for a strong stream to ease away aches.


This shower head is also equipped with mineral balls to enhance the purification of your experience; these minerals will remove traces of chlorine from even the hardest or softest of water areas. The addition of the ion filter adds a new dimension of luxury.



Unlike other models which have a close to 90° angle, our Ionic Shower Head has a curved head which allows the spray to flow in a more vertical direction.



How do i install it?

Simply remove the thread protector from the bottom of the shower head, and screw on your shower hose. Compatable with all standard shower hoses.