Lux Ultra 12x Zoom - Smartphone Lens

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What Is Lux Ultra Zoom?
The Lux Ultra Zoom is a powerful camera lens with an X12 fixed zoom that you can attach to your Smartphone or tablet. The lens is made out of durable and quality materials so that it can hold up well when you use it on a regular basis.

Lux Ultra Zoom Benefits

There are many benefits to be had when you add the Lux Ultra Zoom to your Smartphone or tablet. The main advantage of this nifty device is its Zoom
The zoom is easy to use as well – all you need to do is to attach the lens to your Smartphone or tablet device by latching it on and to adjust the focus to achieve the image that you are aiming for.



  1. Please use it with care, because lens are adjusted accurately, if it drops or hit, the field of vision may not match and the quality of picture will deflect.
  2. Please don't drop into water. If it drops into water, please repair it quickly.
  3. Please don't look at the sun directly, your eyes may get damaged.

Package items::

    1 X Telescope
    1 X Clip
    1 X Cleaning Cloth