Lux Ultra 18x Zoom + 4 Lens Lenses

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What Is Lux Ultra 18x Zoom?

The Lux Ultra 18x Zoom is acamera lens with an X18 fixed zoom that you can attach to your Smartphone or tablet. The lens is made out of durable and quality materials so that it can hold up well when you use it on a regular basis. The Lux Ultra 18x Zoom provides you with good quality images for the price.

Another positive quality to the Lux Ultra 18x Zoom is that the camera addition is a lightweight component that you can take with you anywhere and attach it when you are ready to take photos.


Lux Ultra 18x Zoom Benefits

There are many benefits to be had when you add the Lux Ultra 18x Zoom to your Smartphone or tablet. The main advantage of this nifty device is its Zoom

The camera features a good X18 fixed zoom quality so that you can capture nice and clear images at all times. The zoom is easy to use as well – all you need to do is to attach the lens to your Smartphone or tablet device by latching it on and to adjust the focus to achieve the image that you are aiming for.


Magnification: 18x
Viewing angle: 90 degrees
Lens size: 5.71 inch (length) x 1.45inch (diameter)
Product Weight: 290g

Package items:

1x 18x Zoom Telescope Camera Lens
1x Universal Holder
1x Adjustable Mini Tripod
1x Cleaning Cloth
4x Extra Lenses