Premium Reusable Dog Pee Pad


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Still using regular disposable pee pads? Let's face it, they leak everywhere, smell bad after one day, constantly need changing and at the same time they harm the environment and cost you a lot of money just because they are a one-time use.

Wouldn't it be a real lifesaver to have a pad which is:

✔️ Reusable & Saves your money
✔️ Leak-proof & Anti-Odor
✔️ Durable & Non-Slip
✔️ Lasts for years
✔️ Completely Environmentally friendly?


  • XL dimensions: 70x80 cm / 27.4 x 31.3 inch
  • 4 Innovative Layers
  • Best absorption and odor control

Introducing the Reusable Dog Pee Pad - the LAST dog pee pad you will ever buy!

Get yours today!


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