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The principle of the storm glass is originated in Europe in 17th century. According to the state formed in the bottle, it can predict sunny, cloudy, foggy, storms, snow, etc. Now, it is an ideal and unique home decoration.

Weather Predictor
If it is clear, the weather will be fine;

If it is hazy, sometimes accompanied by precipitation, then the weather will be as cloudy;

Sediment suspension indicates that the wet weather or frost;
The suspension of precipitation and hazy liquid coexist, which indicates that the storm will come;

Sediment suspension in a sunny winter day, which indicates it will snow;
If in warm days or snowy winter, there is large sediment, which indicates it will be cloudy;

If there are crystals in the bottom of the bottle, it means it will frost;

If there is a spiral pattern on the top, it means it will be windy.


1. Time to crystallize depends on your environment. Newly installed It takes one to two weeks and to stabilize;
2. Storm glass reacts to changes in temperature, especially, do not place it in the air conditioned room.
3. Because there is a risk of fire caused by the lens effect, please do not install the unit in direct sunlight;